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This initiative, by Marga Berlinski, helps women and men to feel more confident, connected and self-expressed in relationships and intimacy. Sex and intimacy can be deeply fulfilling and nourishing and yet, a lot of people don’t know how to access that. She believes that attention, awareness and connections gives you more intimacy and fulfillment in more parts of your life. Anyone can experience that! With her coaching and webinars she helps you achieve that, by using the principles, philosophy and exercises of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). OM is a wellness practice and it combines the power of mindfulness with sexuality. 

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about the project

brand identity development & design

Developing and designing a completely new look.

logo design

Because first impressions count!

brand story coaching

Defining the heart & soul of the brand.

business card design

For when it gets up-close & personal.

brand style guide design

The manual for a consistent and professional style.

instagram post design

Instead of looking for customers, create fans!

brand identity
development & design

For Turn On NL I created a completely new brand identity, in collaboration with Marga Berlinski, the founder of Turn On The Netherlands, and the first Dutch certified OM-trainer. Below I describe the process we went through, to get to the final product: the Brand Identity Style Guide as shown here in the gallery.

brand story

This is the core concept of the company and the brand, where we focus on getting clear, through one-on-one coaching sessions, what the mission and vision is by analysing the personal motivation and heart & soul perspective of Marga herself. These sessions generated the Brand Story of her company: the base point of reference throughout the development and expansion of her business, so she always stays connected to the essence of what she is doing and why she is doing it

brand style guide

Next to the Brand Story, the Brand Style Guide contains the brand's colors, fonts, photography & imagery style, the logo and slogan the brand will use. We started this process by creating two moodboards to choose from. They contain a color palette, font selections and a photography and imagery style collage. After determining the general style, the logo is designed and the final product is Brand Style Guide.

logo design

For this logo design we focussed on creating a logo, incorporating in colors, imagery and symbolism, the core values and principles of the brand, such as: sensuality, femininity, power, connection, beauty, communication, authenticity, freedom and playfullness. Important was to find a logo that speaks to a female, but also a male audience, since most of the coaching is meant for couples. 

main logo

For the main logo we played around with multiple color combinations and a more expressive logo and a more clean and simple logo, to be flexible in the use of the logo in other designs. Fun Fact: the spiral shape is the orbit of Venus seen from Earth. The Venus symbolism represents and embodies all the feminine priciples and aspects important to Turn On The Netherlands. The eye stands for connection, communication and arrousal, and pulls us into the logo.

round social media profile logo

Because social media is such an important part of reaching out and connecting to your audiences, prospects and fans, I design a seperate logo to use in the profile picture section of Instagram and Facebook. This way your brand is also beautifully visable and represented on these platforms, from the first glance!

business card design

Business cards are still very important and relevant in this digital era, because it represents being personally connected. Having an item that physically represents your brand and business, creates a bond and a memory that lasts. After all, we are still human beings, wanting to be connected and work with others we genuinly vibe with and trust. Handing out a business card is an invitation and vote of confidence!

instagram post design

To inspire Marga, I designed two Instagram post examples, to give her an impression of how the colors, fonts and imagery come together. The designs were sent to her as templates, so she can reuse them if she wants. In my work I take into account that the client wishes to be able to take over the design process after our project is completed. Self sufficiency is often very important for my clients, so I incorporate this into my work and design process, wherever I can.

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