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Trading for Women has been created based on the idea of educating and guiding women about the skill needed for trading and investing in the financial markets so they can manage their own wealth. The focus lies on creating a strong foundation based on learning the basic knowledge and finding out which market might be more appropriate for the woman. Giovana Vega, founder of Trading for Women, is a key thought leader in the field of trading for women. She’s a female Forex trader & trainer; author; and a globally acclaimed motivational speaker. Her focus lies mainly on women because she has discovered that women have particular strengths that give them an edge in trading and investing.

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brand identity

To kickstart this project, I created two moodboards of my vision of redesigning the brand style for Trading for Women. First I had a conversation with Giovana, to discuss her plans for the future of Trading for Women, her personal style preferences and her expectations of the redesign. Inspired by her enthusiasm, level of expertise in her field and her driving passion to empower women, I came to create two styles, emanating how Giovana felt to me as a vibrant, strong, charismatic expert and entrepreneur. It was important to grasp a look speaking to the ideals of the empowered business woman, living in freedom and abundance and mastery of skills and potential. The final choice made was the calmer and softer palette, with the colors gold, charcoal and champagne, to appeal more to her mainly female audience.

logo design

For the logo, the inspiration came from working with geometric shapes, representing and combining principles like feminine energy and wisdom, the creation of wealth and abundance, good fortune, power and energy, balance, access to knowledge, success, good understanding and sense of business, stability and support, ambition and endurance. The square in the middle, with the thicker curve moving from the bottom left to the top right, represents the Forex market curve going up. The colors also play an important role, since gold represents wealth, achievement and quality. Black stands for power, elegance and authority.  Altogether, the logo is meant to envoke a mindset and energy that attracts and manifests an abundant and balanced life.

website design

Giovana’s wish was to redesign her website to be more representative of her level of expertise and the quality of her in-depth and life changing workshops, personal training, and book. We created a fresh, feminine, yet powerful and professional look, aiming to make the information easy to find and understand. The pages are divided in visual sections, playing with light and dark, to create contrast and make it dynamic and interesting to look at. The gold and marble effects add color and a luxurious feeling. Overall the style is a mixture of a business website from the financial sector and a boutique hotel, adding a sense of comfort to make it feel more welcoming. It is meant to awake your senses to the idea and feeling of living an abundant life and having a well taken care of financial future.

Website before the new design

Here you can view a couple of screenshots of the Trading for Women website before the redesign, so you can compare the before and after and see the transformation. Now ask yourself: what would your idea about the company be efore the make-over and after? This is what I call Visual Magic!

book cover design

For the publishing of the Kindle version of her book “Trading for Success – 8 Secrets Why Women Are Better Forex Traders”,  Giovana wanted a refresh of the cover, to better match her overall new style. The new logo was added in full and as part of the background, the same fonts were used as used on her website and a new portrait picture was added, which is more fitting to her brand personality: standing in her power as an independent and successfull woman, by her own standards and definitions.

ebook design

As a way of sharing a bit of her knowledge, and to invite people to get to know Giovana and her teachings, she offers the ebook “My Tip For Making A Living From Trading” on her website, which visitors can download for free. Just like the rest of the brand style of Trading for Women, the ebook has a luxurious, elegant business appearance, making it attractive to read and share. The ebook has links embedded, leading her readers to her blog, social media channels and her book “Trading for Success – 8 Secrets Why Women Are Better Forex Traders”.

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