louky de lange

health psychologist

Managing stress and living a balanced and healthy life can be challenging in this fast-paced world. Many  people  suffering from the above go through a long process and are often confronted with the limitations of traditional healthcare, especially when suffering from chronic physical and psychological issues that block our path to true personal transformation and a life of love and abundance. Louky de Lange offers you a more progressive, holistic and natural way of dealing with stress, trauma and burnout. In parallel, she also works with people who are more sensitive to energy and overstimulation than average and have realized they are an HSP (highly sensitive person). She will teach you how to manage your life and health, and turn these sensitivities into strengths, instead of energy drainers.

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about the project

brand identity development & design

Developing and designing a completely new look.

logo design

Because first impressions count!

brand story coaching & moodboard

Defining the heart & soul of your brand.

business card design

For when it gets up-close & personal.

website development & design

Giving your clients a beautiful place to land.

product design

Making your brand image recognizable in everything you make and sell.

portrait photoshoot

Showing of you irresistable glow, so people can see that you love what you do.

online course design

Teaching and sharing knowledge in style!

brand identity
development & design

For Louky de Lange, I created a new look and feel for her brand and practice, because she wanted to move her business in a new direction, focussing more on holistic and quantum healing therapies. This required a new approach, because she wanted to reach out and speak to a different type of client, interested in natural and alternative healing practices. 

brand story

This is the core concept of the company and the brand. Here we focus on getting clear, through 1-on-1 coaching sessions, what the mission and vision is by analysing the personal motivation and heart & soul perspective of Louky herself. These sessions generated the Brand Story of her company: the base point of reference throughout the development and expansion of her business, so she always stays connected to the essence of what she is doing and why she is doing it


The Moodboard I created for Louky is based on her personal preferences and the inspiration I got thanks to our 1-on-1 Brand Story sessions. It contains my vision of how her brand should be represented in colors, fonts, photography & imagery style. We wanted to go for a natural, calm, clean and feminine style, representing her personality and her vision on healing. The patterns and textures connect us to a deep sense of natural rythms and processes, in the outer and inner world.

logo design

For this design we focussed on creating a logo that represents the mission,  vision and core values of the brand, such as natural healing, freedom, balance, connection, strength, love and purity. 

main logo

For the main logo we wanted to keep it clean, pure, professional and elegant. Fun Fact: the heart shape consists of two Golden Ratio spirals, because this ratio appears in some patterns in nature, including the spiral arrangement of leaves and other plant parts. Together with the heart shape, it references to creating more self love by balancing energies in life, creating natural health, freedom and strength.

round social media logo

Because social media is such an important part of reaching out and connecting to your audiences, prospects and fans, I design a seperate logo to use in the profile picture section of Instagram and Facebook. This way your brand is also beautifully visable and represented on these platforms, from the first glance!

website development
& design

For Louky we decided to create a single page website stating her brand’s promise and core business, making clear what services she offers, who she wishes to help and what methods and ideas she applies to her practices, some call-to-action sections to encourage visitors to plan a free orientation session, background information on her training and experience, her mission and vision and of course a contact form and details, so prospects can easily reach out to her. 

content & style

To create a logical information structure and write attractive and comprehendsible text for Louky's website, getting her Brand Story crystal clear during our coaching sessions was essential. Many people have so much love and passion for what they do, but getting that accross can sometimes be a struggle. That's where I come in to help zoom in, filter and summarize your purpose to marketable online content. After we got clear on the content, I worked on creating a design reflecting the style we decided on with the moodboard. We see the brand's colors, fonts and imagery style, creating a fresh, natural and elegant look, offering not only a pleasing for the eye appearance, but also offering a great landscape to get her message across.

business card design

Business cards are still very important and relevant in this digital era, because it represents being personally connected. Having an item that physically represents your brand and business, creates a bond and a memory that lasts. After all, we are still human beings, wanting to be connected and work with others we genuinly vibe with and trust. Handing out a business card is an invitation and a  vote of confidence!

product design

To offer extra healing and energetic support for her clients, Louky has developed a range of energy remedies, aiming to cleanse the body and rebalance energies where necesssary. I created the overall look for these remedies and designed the labels for these dropper bottles. Here I also made sure to stay true to the essence of her brand’s style and identity, to ensure it’s recognizable as uniquely her product line. 

online course design

Louky aspires to share her knowledge online, to inform and empower as many people as possible. This is why she decided to create an online course. Here you find a couple of examples of slides created by me for this course. 

portrait shoot

In order to make sure that her personality is well represented on her website and other online communication, we arranged an outdoor portrait shoot for Louky. Especially in her case it was important to add the natural surroundings to her pictures, The pictures fit into the overall design of the website very well, and they are in line with her brand identity’s style and core values.

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