The latest member of Acibadem Healthcare Group, ACIBADEM International Medical Center has opened its doors in Amsterdam, the capital city of Holland as of May 1, 2017. With this expansion Acibadem Healthcare Group brings its 25 years of experience, the latest technologies and an international network to The Netherlands. The Acibadem Healthcare Group offers the highest quality diagnostics and treatment in the most comfortable, safe and patient oriented environments, employing the latest and the best medical technologies. On an international level, the clinic works in collaboration with all the hospitals of the group in offering advanced examinations and treatments.

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about the project

For this project, my main role was to coordinate the set-up of all online and offline communication channels and items, preparing the clinic for the opening and lift-off of their Amsterdam clinic. To realize this, I worked together with the Turkish team of Acibadem in Istanbul. I wrote their  marketing plan and brand strategy for The Netherlands and created the visual concepts of the brand, aiming to make it attractive and suitable for the Dutch healthcare market and target audiences. Below you will find a couple of examples of what we created for their PR and communication campaigns. 

promo video

Moving images make a longer lasting impression.


Show off your brand during meetings.

glossy brochure

Because first impressions count!

information brochures

Providing vital information in style.

coffee mug

Did you know coffee and art go very well together?

business card

For when it gets up-close & personal.


For an online presence that builds trust.

social media

Instead of looking for customers, create fans!

brand story and visual concept design

Acibadem already has a very recognizable and consistent brand identity and style. The aim for this project was to transform and edit the style, within the existing brand style, in such a way that it spoke more to the Dutch market and audience. We chose to use work of Van Gogh, as an hommage to The Netherlands and to create a visual bridge between the Turkish hospital chain and the Dutch market. In line with the artistic approach, I came up with the overall used slogan for the Dutch clinic: “Every human being is a masterpiece, healthcare is an art.” With this catch phrase in mind, you will see this concept and ideal is represented in the total array of what was created. 

promo video

For this promotion video, I created the concept and the screenplay, wrote the storyline and the voice-over text, managed the budget, coordinated the shooting days and oversaw the editing process of the video. 

Fun Fact: I also did the voice-over for this video, in case you’re curious how I sound in real life. 😉  

Because a consistent visual representation of your brand is important to create trust and brand familiarity, a line of stationary was designed that could be used by the hospital staff and during meetings, conferences and other PR events, to be given away as promotional gifts. These kind of items are a great way to increase exposure of your brand, in a functional and professional way. 

To promote the clinic, we designed a glossy magazine, that would be available at the clinic for people to look through and take home from the Amsterdam-based clinic, but also from other clinics of Acibadem all over the world. For this brochure I created the concept for the layout, choosing the visual materials. Next to that I wrote the content of the brochure in Dutch and English and coordinated the photoshoot of the clinic. 

In order to inform patients thoroughly about the treatments and procedures offered by the clinic, we developped a wide range of patient information brochures, for each discipline / department, to be handed out to patients during appointments, or to be taken from the waiting rooms in the clinic. It was important the brochures where attractive, but still easy to read and comprehend thanks to a clear layout and easy to understand content. 

As a part of the promotional gifts line, we created a Van Gogh inspired mug, completely fitting the overall style chosen for the clinic. The mug was given to the staff to use, also to reduce the amount of paper cups being thrown in the trash. Next to internal use, the mugs were also handed out to business relations, visitors during events and also at healthcare conferences and fairs, held in the RAI Amsterdam or international fairs abroad. 

Business cards are still very important and relevant in this digital era, because it represents being personally connected. Having an item that physically represents your brand and business, creates a bond and a memory that lasts. After all, we are still human beings, wanting to be connected and work with others we genuinly vibe with and trust. Handing out a business card is an invitation and vote of confidence!

Together with the Turkish team, I worked on the structure, layout, content and visual presentation of the clinic’s website. I created the overall plan for the website, coordinated the pictures taken of the clinic and staff for the website and wrote the majority of the content. Clear information about the treatments and procedures, easy to navigate design and showing the beautiful and patient friendly interior design of the clinic, were the main focus.

Nowadays, no matter the line of business you’re in, it’s very important to be active on social media. Not only in order to be approachable through different channels, but also as a way to show different sides of the same company. For Instagram, for instance, we chose to give a more personal look into the daily activities of the clinic, in comparison to the more functional and medical nature of the website.

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