Hi, I'm Paula Pielanen

Since childhood, I have been making art, music and photographs. When I was 11, I saved up some money and bought my first (second hand) SLR camera, with a huge telelens I could barely carry… I would go outside and walk around the area, taking pictures of nature and animals. How excited I got when I developed my films, to see the results. I made drawings, designed posters and redecorated my room as often as I could.

Let’s just say being creative is in my blood and defines best who I am as a person. I’m a highly intuitive creative, a visual thinker and learner and act on my gut feeling and insights about what feels and looks best in relation to the person or company I’m interacting with. Recently I was told it was like “I read her mind.” The biggest compliment I could ever receive in my opinion!

My mission is to use my creative talent and my understanding of business to turn ideas into visual and tangible concepts and designs, to elevate startups, freelancers, solopreneurs and (social) enterprises to a higher level, by giving them the professional look and feel of an ambitious and competitive brand. 

I love to work with inspirational people, who in their unique way aim to create a better world. And I believe that when powerful ideas are combined with a beautiful look and a strong brand identity, you will attract more opportunities to expand your business and spread your message. I want to support you in increasing the impact of your business and in the world.



When I studied the history of art architecture, philosophy & spirituality it became very clear to me how strong our desire as a human being is to express our feelings and thoughts through images, colors and shapes, and how we use art to try and understand our place in the world and the universe. It is an undeniable and important part of who we are and how we communicate and I have learned to translate this knowledge, together with my creative talent and intuitive nature, into create designs that represent my clients personality and purpose in a very profound and in-depth way. 

Studying international business & management and working in the commercial sector in marketing & communication, sales and customer service for 20 years, has taught me to understand the goals and needs of different types of industries and clients.

This experience has given me the ability to not only communicate the perspective of your business to the outside world, but also to put myself in the shoes of your clients, representing what they value and need such as quality, integrity, respect and service, so we can create the connection and trust needed for your business to be successful.

Next to running my own business as a designer and business & brand identity coach, I’m also a holistic healer and setting up a company overseas to develop a unique concept of wellness and personal transformation programs and an accompanying wellness products line.  Giving back and creating heartfelt connections are very important values to me in the way I work and use my time and energy. My traineeship in social entrepreneurship in 2019, really woke me up to my personal need to sincerely contribute to the community and be a part of cocreative solutions for social and ecological issues.

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